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The Complete Desktop Solution
In one CD
Point and click installation
Lots of applications are built-in and thousands more are available online for free
Local support provided by developers themselves

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Bayanihan Linux 4.0 (ISO 698.3 MB)
md5sum b79c9ef763e1340ee2c899e72ccaee76

Internet-ready with antivirus support
Do it safely and securely with Bayanihan Linux
Keep your system secure with the built-in antivirus software

Excellent support for mobile computing
Laptop ready with support for various wireless devices
Instantly use your removable devices. Just plug them in!

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Extensive multimedia and graphics applications
Do More! Listen and watch your favorite music and videos!
Release the artist in you!

Integrated full featured office suite
Get your job done easily with the built-in word processor, presenation and spreadsheet software.
Instantly use your removable devices. Just plug them in!

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Making Waves for Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager

Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager, the main deliverable of the “Commercialization of Bayanihan Linux Terminal Server Installer: An Open Source Thin Client Implementation Project”, was recently launched through roadshows to promote awareness. Cebu was chosen as the ICT hub for Visayas while Davao as the counterpart for Mindanao. The project is funded by the Technological Innovation Commercialization Program (TECHNICOM) of Department of Science and Technology.

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