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Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager software is the main deliverable of “Commercialization of Bayanihan Linux Terminal Server Installer: An Open Source Thin Client Implementation Project”, of Advanced Science and Technology Institute (ASTI). The project is currently being funded by Technological Innovation Commercialization Program (TECHNICOM) of Department of Science and Technology (DOST).


   What are the features of Bayanihan Linux Thin Client

Bayanihan Linux 3 features the following:

  • 4-Click installation wizard
  • User-friendly Configuration of Client Computers
  • Management of Users and Groups
  • Restriction of User Application
  • Control of User Menus


   BLTCM Projects

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   CORE team of BLTCM

See more of the people behind the Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager

   How to get the Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager?

You can simply download
the software now or you may email us at For more detail about our product you may wish to visit:

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