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   What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth wireless technology is a short-range radio technology. Bluetooth wireless technology makes it possible to transmit signals over short distances between telephones, computers and other devices and thereby simplify communication and synchronization between devices.The Bluetooth wireless technology comprises hardware, software and interoperability requirements. Beyond unleashing devices by replacing cables, Bluetooth wireless technology provides a universal bridge to existing data networks, a peripheral interface, and a mechanism to form small private ad hoc groupings of connected devices away from fixed network infrastructures.

   What is Bayanihan Bluetooth Developer's Toolkit?

The Bayanihan Bluetooth Developer's Toolkit composed of customized software and hardware components to be a complete and integrated solution that serve as a platform for Bluetooth development.


  • Reduce research
  • Sample Application: ASTI Interactive Billboard

   How to get the Bayanihan Bluetooth Developer's Toolkit

Training is required before you can avail of the Bayanihan Bluetooth Developer's Toolkit.For more details on the Basic and Advanced Bluetooth Training, please visit:

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