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Large open source projects like Bayanihan Linux cannot exist without a community of users and developers. It is in this community where developers and users exchange ideas and contribute actively for the common goal of making Bayanihan Linux one of the best Filipino Linux distribution.

Contribute to the Bayanihan Linux development and become part of our Official Contributors Hall of Fame.


Bayanihan provides a mailing list for users who need help or want to help other users.
Click here to access the Bayanihan GNU/Linux Maintenance and Development Mailing List.


Web Based


Enter a unique nickname above to begin real time conversation with the friendly Bayanihan Linux community. Please note that it may take some time for other people to join the channel. If you are not behind a firewall, we recommend you use IRC to stay longer on the channel and wait for others to join.

Regular IRC Access

LiveTalk service is also accessible using your favorite IRC client. Just use these settings:
Channel: #bayanihan