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     How to Remove/Place      Bluetooth Module in      the Cables?

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  Bayanihan Bluetooth Development Toolkit Support

Welcome to the BayanihanBDTK Support,the online help resource for the Bayanihan Bluetooth Development Kit.


  Have a Specific Question?

The basic installation instructions of the Bayanihan Linux Bluetooth Developer's Edition can be found in the Quick Installation Guide.If you want a more detailed installation guide, you may email us at

For more advanced questions, try searching Bayanihan BluetoothDTK Frequently Asked Questions or go to the Bayanihan BluetoothDTK Web Forums.

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New users are welcome to post questions at the Bayanihan Bluetooth Development Toolkit Support Forum hosted by Bayanihan.

Please be as specific as possible in your request so that others would diagnose the problem and respond to your question immediately.

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If you have an IRC client,you can talk to other users in real time by joining in the #bayanihan channel on chat server.You can also begin real time conversation with the friendly Bayanihan Linux community by using our web based chat.

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  Bayanihan BluetoothDTK Frequently Asked Questions


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  Knowledge Base: Quick Installation Guide

  • Boot from CD
  • Normally, press [Enter] on the first splash screen and installation will proceed to the Linux Media Checker.You may opt to skip this but you may have problems later if your CD is defective.
  • Proceed with the GUI installer. Most of the configurations are set to default. In case of devices, the installer should have probed your system. In case the system cannot, you have to set it manually.
  • The actual installation will take some time depending on your system.
  • After installation, reboot your machine and log in using root if you have addtional settings to configure.


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  How to connect the Cable?

Lift the middle flap of the Bluetooth module and connect one end of the USB cable to the USB port of the module. Then, connect the other end of the cable to the USB port of the computer. Once connected, the LED of the Bluetooth module should light indicating that the module is now ready for use.

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  How to Open the Case?

Hold the case as shown in the image below.To open, place two fingers in the middle front of the case and push outward.


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  How to Remove/Place Bluetooth Module in the Case?

Once open, you can remove the bluetooth module from the case. Gently push teh small stopper at the rear side of the bluetooth module and slowly slide the module until it is romoved.

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  How to Remove/Place the Cables?

To connect the usb cable and the data cables(ribbon wires) to the bluetooth module, the first step will be to open teh case.Next, connect the usb cable and the data cables to the bluetooth module. Then, slowly slide the data cables through the side of the module while closing the case to ensure that the end of the cables will be left out.


When using an external power source other than that from the USB port,use only the 5volts.

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