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   What is Bayanihan Linux?

The Bayanihan project was initiated by the Open Source Group in Advanced Science and Technology Institute last October 2001. This was the first initiative of the group in Open Source Technology. Its goal was to provide the best alternative desktop solution to Filipinos. In details, it aims to provide a better hardware support, operation simplicity, speed, efficiency, stability and Windows portability. Read more>>

   What are the features of Bayanihan Linux?

Bayanihan Linux 3.1 features the following:

  • KDE based environment
  • Kernel 2.6
  • Primary Browsers: Mozilla Firefox and Konqueror
  • Personal Information Managers
  • Windows interoprability thru WINE, NTFS Support and Samba

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   CORE TEAM of Bayanihan Linux

See the people behind the development Bayanihan Linux.


We would like to thank those people who contributed to Bayanihan Linux. Our outmost gratitude to all of you.

   Order Now!

We are accepting orders for Bayanihan Linux 3.1 CD. Please email to us the following details.
      Complete Name
      Complete Mailing Address
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      Email Address or Other contact information

We shall email you as soon as possible if your order is already available for purchase.

For more information about prices and delivery charges please visit the FAQ section.

For those who are just within Metro Manila and have the time to visit our office during Mondays-Fridays (8am-5pm), you may bring a blank CD (700MB) and we can burn a BL3.1 copy for you at the cost of P50 for the burning fee.

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