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Welcome to the ASTI Bayanihan Thin Client Manager Support,the online resource for the Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager.


Q: I get this message on the console:
ROM segment 0x0800 length 0x8000 reloc 0x9400 Etherboot 5.0.2 (GPL) Tagged ELF for [Tulip] Probing...[Tulip] No adapter found

A: Indicates that you don't have the correct image for your network card.
Check for the Network Card's PCI ID cat /proc/bus/pci/devices (2nd entry)
Q: I get this message on the console:
Searching for server (DHCP)...

A1: Physical link problems - make sure that network cables are good and properly connected.
A2: DHCP Server not started - Check if dhcp is running (ps-ax | grep dhcpd) - restart dhcpd (service dhcpd restart)
A3: No valid entry for workstation in dhcpd.conf - Check log files (tail -f/var/log/messages) - add dhcpd.conf entries for workstation
A4: IP Tables is blocking dhcp requests (iptables -L -v) service iptables stop

Q: I see this on my console:
Loading |

A1: Incorrect kernel filename or path - check if filename entry in dhcpd.conf can be found in /tftpboot/lts directory
A2: tftpd is not running - check /etc/xinetd/d/tftp to verify if it is enabled
Q: I get this message on the console:
Kernel panic: No init found. try passing init=option to kernel.

A: /opt/ltsp/i386 directory is empty
Q: I get this message on my console:
Root-NFS: Server returned error -13 while mounting /opt/ltsp/i386l.

A: indicates that /opt/ltsp/i386/ isn't listed in /etc/exports
- Check/var/log/messages for errors

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  System Requirements

- Server
- Client Computers (w/o hard drives, CD-ROM drives, and floppy drives)
- Network Switch
- Bayanihan Linux Operating System
- Bayanihan Linux Thin Client Manager